Hello and welcome to my art website Square-Spaces. I really do appreciate that you enjoy art and have taken the time to visit my website and my profile page. I am Deborah Weiner and the artist that produced the square-spaces on this website.

With all of our lives being so busy, there are times we all struggle with time set aside to either enjoy the arts or be a part of the creative process. I find as a working business woman, time out of my day to design pieces that live in my head, helps me to actually be a happier person and therefore contributes to my life. I personally enjoy working in photography, contemporary straight edge canvas or board pieces and story board art. This website just allows me to share what I have recently created.

We have all heard of the starving artist. I have a career in real estate that allows me the opportunity to give back in my own way. My way of giving back is after I sell a piece, I give 20% of the sale, which is profit, to the Forsyth County Human Society. This is a No Kill shelter which in turn has the responsibility of sheltering a pet until it is adopted.

Feel free to re-visit this website at www.Square-Spaces.com often to see the next new piece. Call / text or email me anytime if you have any interest in my work or would like to commission an art piece. Thank you and enjoy the website!